Destiny Elisitin

Elisitin, Destiny

Photo Credit: Hector Torres

Destiny Elisitin

Destiny is an innovative, outgoing, and happy individual. She is always smiling or laughing. She is also intentional when it comes to anything she devotes her time to. Spending time with family and friends, being involved in school, and serving her community are activities she is passionate about. She is proud that she is going to college for free as an Honors College student at Miami-Dade College. She is majoring in Business Administration and aspiring to be an IT project director.

She holds two major hopes for her community. She wants the displacement of inner-city residents to stop because she see that the rise in homelessness is spiraling out of control. As someone who works at a nonprofit that specializes in housing, health, and climate, she finds it alarming how many people with jobs and careers who are becoming homeless. She also hopes that students in lower-income schools understand their worth and the other options they have when it comes to post-secondary education: college is not a one size fits all solution.

“Meeting new people with different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences has been the most fulfilling. Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship is like a tree, and recently I have noticed that deep down all of us connect with each other. Having thought-provoking conversations with the Fellows and facilitators has been fulfilling.”