Fellowship Experience

Examine the world as it is. Imagine it as it could be.

The Program Elements

The AYLF experience reflects best practices used at the Aspen Institute while weaving local perspectives and content into its design from the communities in which Fellows live.


Fellows engage in 10 seminars focused on leadership including intergenerational conversations and peer dialogue about stories and poems and films that offer fresh perspectives on society.


Fellows connect with a local coordinator who helps them navigate the experience and steward opportunities.


Fellows rediscover what’s possible in their community and gain the skills to design a community impact project that addresses a community need, together with their cohort.


Fellows receive a stipend for their efforts and engagement in the program.


Fellows receive guidance and access to safety net and catalyst resources that ensure support throughout the program.


Fellows establish lasting relationships with their cohort and join a global network of Aspen Institute Fellows, enabling opportunities for a lifetime.

The Beginning of an Inspirational Journey

In the first year, Fellows embark on a journey encountering unexpected moments of self-discovery and understanding. followed by four years of ongoing support through the AYLF network.

AYLF Fellows are…

  • curious about one’s personal and communal story.

  • interested in leadership development.

  • open to being vulnerable by sharing beliefs and ideals while supporting others in doing the same.

  • eager to learn about local opportunities and issues that shape their community.

  • willing to question one’s beliefs, assumptions, and biases.

  • wanting to connect with community and take action related to local, national, or global issues.

Interested in bringing AYLF to your community? Email Cheryl Green, Director