Natalie Placencia

Placencia, Natalie

Photo Credit: Hector Torres

Natalie Placencia

Natalie is an adventurer. She loves trying new things even if it scares her. She loves exploring different territories; not just physically and literally exploring territories but more like the territories of ideas and thoughts of different people and cultures. She thinks trying to understand instead of judging and jumping straight to problem solving is essential to any change-making process. She is a teacher and loves to learn and is open to new interpretations of the world.

Natalie dreams of a place where youth feel supported and unafraid. She dreams of a place where encouragement is everywhere and resources or accessible to all. As a former foster care youth it is important to her that all youth feel safe enough to confide in someone and have a support system. As a leader, she would like to create a mentorship program in her community for youth who need financial literacy and a support system to reach their goals.

“I have found all of the guest speakers to be very influential and all have inspired me to incorporate different aspects from their background into the future Community Impact Project. I am also thankful for all the support we have had throughout the sessions. I am most excited about how connected we all will be by the end.”